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Custom Manufacturing

custom manufacturing

Monroe Hinge & Hardware provides custom manufacturing solutions to clients throughout the world. We can manufacture built-to-order parts, custom products and offer a wide variety of options to solve your problem.

Monroe Engineering Products is a full-service Manufacturer of Fabricated metal assemblies and Hardware. We do vendor-managed inventory on low-cost hardware items and manage larger Fabrication Programs from Blueprint to delivery. The Key to our success in manufacturing is the Engineering review process. That’s where we Identify the right process to match the cost / quality equation to your Program. The next critical component is a team of captive and contract manufacturing resources. We finance major programs and pay our bills on time. Good vendors want to work for and with Monroe. From raw material to finished goods, here are the manufacturing capabilities we offer.

Raw Material

We supply products in:

  • All Grades of stainless Steel in sheet or coil, bars, tubing, and billets
  • Hot rolled and cold rolled steel products
  • All types of Aluminum including mil spec’s like 6061-T6
  • Armor steels like Class One and A-500
  • Titanium and high Nickel alloys

Raw Material Processing

The beginning of the Monroe Value add is the understanding of the right process to match to the size of the program and the product volume. Once we determine what form the raw material is best for the job we match it to one these processes to “start making parts”.

  • Flame Cutting / Plasma Cutting - for roughing in or parts where trim edges are open with tolerance where overall trim edge allowance is around ⅛ inch and also can cut very thick material (armored vehicles and platforms are examples).
  • Water-jetting - Very accurate cuts with tolerances of +/- .010. Trim edges are clean and in some cases will not require finish machining. Works well even on thick material, trim edges may have some angle on material over a few inches thick.
  • Laser Cutting - Accurate cuts but limited to cutting materials less than .750 thick. It also will leave a blue heat mark on the steel and the heat effect may require consideration when finish machining.
  • Router Cutting - Essentially a machining operation. This process will give a finished trim edge to very tight tolerances.
  • Stamping - Requiring unique tooling for every application stamping is usually used with very high volume applications like automotive. Monroe can support stamping up to 1000 tons, running progressive and Line Dies.
  • Turret Punch Press - Limited to working sheet stock less than .125 turret punch presses are good for low volume products and can install features like slots holes and some bending.

Secondary Operations

Typical secondary operations are done on CNC controlled milling machines and come in all shapes and sizes. Monroe captive and contract capabilities in this arena are as follows.

  • Small high-speed milling machines in vertical and horizontal aspects.
  • Bed sizes from 18” by 18” all the way up to bridge mills that can hold a complete tank turret or airplane wing.
  • CNC Lathes and screw machines with bar feeders suitable for high-speed high volume fastener production.
  • Boring Mills. These large “open table” machines are great for adding features to welded assemblies and fixtures.
  • Broaching Used to put in keyways and sharp corners on the inside of holes. This is an old technology that still has applications.
  • Wire EDM…...the slowest, the most accurate and generally the most expensive way of cutting metal.


MIG / TIG / Robotic are the three categories of welding. This is one of Monroe’s core competencies. Monroe welded assemblies are on military vehicles, boats, oil platforms and on many other items.

Product finishing

  • Monroe offers certified product finishing services which include
  • Plating in zinc / chrome / black oxide / anodizing / passivating / electro-polish / buffing
  • Painting in CARC / powder coat / e-coat
  • Packaging and kitting of finished products